Art Direction + Design  |  Annie Huynh

Copywriting  |   Lizaveta Apanasik

 Audio  |  John Zarcone

TouchPoint Designs  |  Feel at home.

People living with vision impairment want their homes to be safe, functional, and accessible without sacrificing style and visual or sensual appeal. But, interior design advertising heavily emphasizes visuals, limiting accessibility for visually-impaired consumers.

We’re helping this (imaginary) interior design firm to attract clients with visual impairments by creating advertisements that appeal to their textural and auditory senses.

Assumptions about designing 
for the visually-imparied:
  • They can’t see anything at all. (Overgeneralization, visual impairment is a spectrum.)
  • They need to live in a black and white environment. (False.)
  • They don’t care about what sighted visitors think about their home. (False.)  

Inspiration & Moodboard

Textured Ads

Tactile Posters

Advertising, and especially interior design advertising, has often catered to sighted people. If we could expand the potential of posters to reach visually-impaired consumers, we could start with communication through the language of touch. 

TouchPoint’s physical ads will be interactive through touch, not only by embossing the surface with Braille text, but also with embellished fabric textures that envoke the feeling of comfortable furniture.

Alternative versions of ads will feature extruding miniature furniture pieces to showcase the form and texture of items so that visually-impaired readers can experience the feeling of curated comfort beyond the limits of a photograph.

Radio Ads

Designer Bus Stop

The visually-impaired community relies heavily on public transit as a means of navigating independently. TouchPoint Designs will demonstrate their ability to incorporate accessibility with comfort and style through this experiential stunt.

TouchPoint Designs will host pop-ups at decorated bus shelters near community centers for the visually-impaired in a lavish, comfortable, and accessible style. These pop-ups will be hosted by booth assistants who will maintain the space and connect with visitors.  The designs will feature satisfying textures and high-contrast colors, details which to appeal to visually-impaired visitors.

Direct Mail Card

Surprise “Welcome Home” cards embossed with Braille will be directly mailed to potential clients as outreach. This will connect TouchPoint Designs with audiences directly at their home. Samples of furniture textures and fabrics will also be sent to get readers curious about what kinds of home improvements TouchPoint Designs can make in style and comfort of their interior design.

Showroom After Dark

TouchPoint Designs will partner with furniture stores like West Elm to create an elevated “after-dark” experience catered to visually-impaired consumers.

Staff will guide visually-impaired customers and attend to their questions and needs. Interior designers from TouchPoint Designs will curate a trusted vision to meet each customers needs in accessibility and aesthetics. 

These after-dark showroom events will entertain visitors with ambient smooth jazz, bubbly wine, and hors d’oeuvres.