Art Direction | Annie Huynh + Mojola Nwaka

Design  |  Annie Huynh

Hidden Valley Ranch  |  Vegetables, elevated.

No one likes to eat plain, raw vegetables for fun. But Hidden Valley Ranch is the iconic accessory for dressing up vegetables and elevating their appeal. It’s time to flaunt how fabulous vegetables can be when dressed by Hidden Valley Ranch.

Lady Gaga, Dressed by Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch is partnering with Lady Gaga to revamp her infamous “meat dress” moment with a fresh, new twist. Ranch has designed a custom dress for her next red carpet appearance– made of real vegetables– to show the world vegetables are fabulous with a touch of Ranch dressing.

All Vegetables Are Beautiful

Two brands who share a love for vegetables join forces to celebrate an iconic pairing. Next month, all Imperfect Produce deliveries will come with a free bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch so that no imperfect vegetable will be wasted if it can be dipped in Ranch.