Art Direction + Design  |  Annie Huynh

Copywriting  |  Kos Mante

Harley-Davidson  |  Add life to your life.

Being a Millennial doesn’t have to be cringe. A generation that was raised on an aspirational and bohemian internet culture is now worrying about commutes, mortgages, and adulting. But Harley-Davidson has the key to coolness, and that key leads to a life of freedom on two wheels.

Harsh Their Vibes

Harley-Davidson will catch aging Millennials in places of peak ennui: grocery stores, rush hour traffic, waiting rooms, and even LinkedIn. There, they will plant the seeds of yearning for a cooler life; one that doesn’t clash with their responsibilities, but just takes the edge off.

So You’ve Realized You’re Lame

When life gets lame, people pick up self-help books. That’s why Harley-Davidson is entering the ring by releasing a new guide on how get your swagger back. Harley’s wisdom from the open road will teach jaded Millennials how to be wild, be daring, and be authentic (by getting outside and learning how to ride a Harley).

Harley-Davidson will partner with celebrity book clubs, a popular social network for lame adults, to share their guide to being cool again with the ones who need it the most.