Art Direction + Design  |  Annie Huynh + 
Walter Wood + Kobi Norman Rivera Gyetvan

Copywriting  |  Jeremiah D. Jones + Kevin Adrian Lopez

Durex  |  Afterglow – Aftercare shouldn’t be an afterthought.

The moments after sex are an undiscovered realm of the sexual experience that is often more intimate than the act of sex itself. Durex Afterglow is a new brand extension that facilitates post-climax care and conversation between intimate partners to discover a more complete and meaningful sex ritual.

/af-ter-kair, ahf-/ noun
A practice originating from the BDSM community, aftercare is the ritual after a sexual experience to help partners or individuals ground themselves physically and mentally back to a safe and comfortable state of being. It’s a clean-up session, a water break, and attending to any wounds that may have occured. It’s also a patient listener, a cozy blanket, and a reassuring gaze. It’s within these moments where we can be our most vulnerable, authentic, and liberated selves.

What’s in the box?

gentle cleansing body wipes
intimate reflection journal
warming massage oil
soothing balm
room spray
white honey & leather scented candle
sweet treat

Find us in the aftercare aisle.

Afterglow is the first product line of its kind that’s not focused on sex, but the after-moments that make connection even deeper. These product collection creates a new and necessary addition to the condomn aisle at department stores and pharmacies. Now, all of your aftercare needs will be conveniently found next to your intimate products.

The Afterglow section will also create awareness for shoppers who are unfamiliar with aftercare by positioning their essential aftercare products within arm’s reach from the condoms and lube. These novel products will encourage shoppers to get curious on how to incorporate Durex Afterglow products into their sexual experiences and begin their own aftercare practice.

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